Scientist- River Keeper- Fly Fisherman


Eugene Macri is a nationally known aquatic and environmental scientist Gene Macri Aquatic and Environmental Scientistworking out of Pennsylvania. He is a modern day scientific river keeper. His scientific research and analysis has been sited in hundreds publications world wide including Fly Fisherman Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Chambersburg Public Opinion, Carlisle Sentinel, Associated Press Wire Services, Harrisburg Patriot, Johnstown Tribune Democrat, Detroit Free Press, Eastern Fly Fishing as well as many other magazines, and books.  Gene works with industry, watershed groups, Trout Unlimited Chapters, fly fishing organizations, fishing clubs, state departments of natural resources, conservancies and individuals in researching, analyzing and protecting the nation’s waters. He has his own private trout stream which he manages as a scientist, river keeper and fly fisherman. Macri has developed wild strains of both Rainbow and Brown Trout.

Conewago Creek Pennsylvania Privately Managed by Gene Macri

He was part of the landmark pro bono study with Dr. Jack Black, An EcologicaWild Brook Trout from Big Spring Creek Cumberland County Pennsylvanial Survey of Big Spring Creek with Emphasis on the Effects of Fish Hatchery Effluent, that was instrumental in the closure of the hatchery whose effluent destroyed one of the world’s greatest Brook Trout limestone spring creeks in Cumberland County (Big Spring), Pennsylvania. The stream is now on its way to returning to its once famous heritage (click here for an article in the Bay Journal by Macri on this subject). Gene has probably done more pro bono work for citizens in the last thirty years than any environmental scientist in the country.

Recently, Macri was cited for his work in protecting the streams of Pennsylvania and his knowledge and skill as fly angler in  Flyfisher's Guide to Pennsylvania by Tom Gilmore.  He is one of the few aquatic ecologists with expertise in both limestone spring creeks and AMD waters (acid mine Green Drake Ephemera guttulata from Penns Creek Pennsylvaniadrainage). He has done extensive research on the recovery of AMD streams. Gene's areas of expertise include water quality, aquatic biology, fishery biology, aquatic entomology, aquaculture, environmental geology, stream geomorphology and remediation, phycology, environmental microbiology, and environmental science.

Gene is also a well known illustrator, photographer, graphic artist and computer analyst. He is an acclaimed fly fisherman and member of the famed Letort Regulars. His well known interview with the late Charlie Fox was published by Stackpole Books in Limestone Legends.