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  • Benchmarking
    Benchmarking is the first step in understanding aquatic ecosystems. Benchmarking establishes a baseline that can be used by aquatic ecologists and environmental science.

  • Eastern Brook Trout
    Gene Macri joins the eastern brook trout initiative to save and restore this beautiful fish.

  • Ecological Services
    Eugene P. Macri aquatic and environmental consultant services including stream assessment, biomonitoring, EPA protocols, scientific photography, macroinvertebrates, environmental regulation, economic impact studies and environmental assessments

  • Economic Environmental Assessments
    Economic environmental assessments are needed to protect private property rights and the public interest of land and water in this country. Gene Macri has devised many environmental impact models used in economic analysis.

  • Environmental Geology
    Understanding enviromental geology is the key to watershed analysis and and proper land use.

  • EPA RBPs
    Rapid Biosassessment Protocols developed with academic help by the EPA serve as a foundation in benchmarking and biomonitoring of streams in rivers in aquatic ecology studies.

  • Fishery Studies
    Identification, population studies and biotic indexes of fish serve as an important element of benchmarking and stream assessment by aquatic ecologist.

  • Home Page
    Eugene P. Macri Jr. is an aquatic ecologist and environmental consultant whose services include: stream ecology, river keeping, watershed analysis, EPA RBPs monitoring, fishery studies, benthic studies, hydrology, macroinvertebrate identification, and environmental geology.

  • Macroinvertebrates
    Macroinverterate studies usually consist of two types: RBPs (semi-quantitative) and qualitative and form part of the biomonitoring, benchmarking, pollution impact and protection plan of aquatic ecologists.

  • NEPA
    Eugene Macri Aquatic Ecologist outlines the problems with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and why it has failed and what can be done to understand it.

  • Resource Links
    Some of the favorite resource links of aquatic ecologists Eugene P. Macri Jr.

  • Speaking and Seminars
    Eugene P. Macri Jr. is nationally known aquatic and environmental scientist and can speak or offer seminars on a number of subjects including: water quality, biomonitoring, benchmarking, EPA RBPs, watersheds, fly fishing and the environment.

  • Stream Improvement
    Geomorophological understanding and channel engineering form an important part of stream and river remediation. It should be understood that many types of streams do not readily fit Rosgen or other models.

  • Stream Management
    Stream Management or river keeping is part of the stream and river care taking usually for recreational plans such as fishing.

  • Watershed Assessment
    Watershed analysis is the primary study needed to protect water quality by aquatic ecologists.

  • Wetlands
    Wetands studies should include proper benchmarking and baselining by aquatic ecologists.

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