Economic Environmental Assessments

This is an emerging field of study and is one of the most important assessments especially for  industry and the private owner.  Today with increasing degradation of the environment quantification of damages based on practical applications and models are the only recourse.  Eugene Macri has devised a number of methods to accurately assess many types of environmental damage to property and potential income lost over time.

How much is a section of a trout stream worth? How much money does the land owner lose over time in terms of potential income?  How much damage has been done long term by a highway that destroys your river, land or even your hunting ground? What is the damage to the biological community in your stream?  Can you reclaim the fishing quality or beauty that your property once had or is gone forever!  Only when the courts, industry and government use such applications Economics of Fishingwill justice be done.

The failure to hire Gene Macri to adequately address these assessments could cost you your nest egg or even the heritage you may wish to leave to your children or grandchildren.  With rapidly diminishing places to fish, hunt and camp in the public sector,  private ownership of such areas are dramatically increasing in value.  The same is true of public areas which are degraded but are seldom assessed properly in the public interest.

Do not allow anyone to offer you a settlement without contacting Gene.  He can advise you for a small fee that will allow you to make the proper decision in such instances and whether you need an economic environmental assessment.  Never sign a document which gives away your rights for limited compensation.