Fishery Studies

Fish populations are important aspects of understanding and managing watersheds and aquatic systems. Since fish populations often move around so much the data in some systems is of limited usefulness.  Electro-shocking has its place in population studies if done correctly at the right time of the year.  It should be noted however, that there are some serious side effects of electro-shocking in some streams.  Creel studies and census of angler' s catch also have their place.

In recent years private hatcheries have increased in many states.  Hatcheries produce pollution in the form of wastes from the fish. These wastes often are released into the stream some with prior treatment, others with no treatment.  This enrichment is a serious form of organic pollution to the stream and has serious consequences.

We have no problems with hatcheries but in many instances we recommend the newest in re-circulation hatcheries. We have a group of scientists who have pioneered these types of hatcheries and have good feel on how to proceed on these levels.

We believe re-circulation is the wave of the future in fish cultivation. We can recommend what type of fish and quantities as well as age groups to stock or raise for your system.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions on fish studies or hatcheries.