MacroInvertebrates and Aquatic Ecology

Gene Macri is an expert in the identification and ecology of stream organisms usually referred to as macroinvertebrates.  These "bugs" as layman often call them consist of the community of mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies, midges and other organisms that make up the stream fauna.macroinvertebrate identification   A taxonomic expert, Macri has been studying these invertebrates for years as an aquatic ecologist and fly angler.  The proper identification of these insects and other fauna allow the aquatic ecologist to properly evaluate the ecological conditions of the stream or river ecosystem including pollution load and other parameters.

Macri is also an expert at macro photography and videography and illustration in these realms.  Such photographic excellence show Macri's studies and analysis head and shoulders above other consulting or scientific firms. These add a degree of confidence for clients that cannot be matched elsewhere.

All types Macroinvertebrate Mayfly adult Male Sulfurof studies and identification are available.  These include complete stream benchmarking, EPA RBPs, qualitative studies, or identification.  Many firms would be much better of hiring experts like Gene Macri for identification or other studies than trying to do this in house with limited resources or ill trained workers.  We can identify to species if necessary if the nymphs are mature enough and keys are available.  We can also identify adults and actually rear the nymphs under stream conditions if necessary.

We also offer macro photos to firms needing them for their reports and assessments. Gene Macri offers a complete stream evaluation for fishing organizations and private waters that would like  benchmarking or a stream survey (qualitative) for their members.  Such results will enhance the fishing experience including hatch charts and photographs for the members.

Adult Mayfly

We can also furnish in house stream demonstrations for fishermen, educational groups, government, environmentalMacroinvertebrate Mayfly Nymph organizations or the general public.  We also offer complete seminars and programs for any group.  These include scientific, educational, environmental, or fishing programs.  They can include talks, demonstrations, slide shows, videos, or combination.  Gene Macri can design the critical program or seminar for your organization.

Please feel free to inquire about any of our programs because they can help your organization in number of ways from public relations to fund raising for your projects.  We offer competitive pricing and discounts for nonprofits.