Aquatic Ecosystems

Stream and River Management

Stream or river management is often called river keeping.  It consists of managing the stream for the intended purposes, usually recreational and usually fishing.  River keeping (or riverkeeping) comes from Europe, mostly England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway.  These rivers and streams were privately held by clubs, organizations, hotels or even individual estates.  Gamekeepers and riverkeepers were hunters and fishermen with an intimate knowledge of the streams and forests.  They served as gillies (fishing guides), biologists (managed and researched the stream), fishermen, and even had duty as a type of warden.  They were hired by the people who owned or leased these areas of the stream and river.  These were usually trout or salmon waters.

This concept which started sometime during the middle ages has been around in various forms for hundreds of years throughout the world and in America. Many famous trout streams in America had some form of river keeping or stream management.  These were usually individuals who owned a section of land near a streamCharlie Fox Stream keeping on the Letort.  In this photo on the right the legendary fly angler and stream keeper Charlie Fox works on the substrate on the famed Letort Spring Run in Carlisle, Pennsylvania (circa 1969). In its more modern concept river keeping is a highly scientific endeavor.  Once again the first step in the management of the aquatic ecosystem is benchmarking.  The stocking of fish is also more scientific than it was in the past.  The fish should be stocked in terms of what the ecosystem can support and not necessarily what someone wants to catch.  Unfortunately, because of politics, and money this is often misunderstood and the stream, river, lake, or pond is mismanaged in the long run.

There is obviously big money in private hunting and fishing areas.  Proper management of these aquatic systems should encompass all things including overall water quality, macroinvertebrates communities, fish populations, water chemistry, stream channel understanding, and the overall recreational experience. 

Eugene Macri has a great amount of experience in these areas.  He can properly access your aquatic system in what is the best way to manage and protect your investment.  Using his years of experience as both an aquatic ecologist and angler you will get the best anyone has to offer.