There is a great amount of discussion at all levels as what constitutes a wetland and what you can and cannot do with the so called wetland.  It has also reached the politically rarefied air of this administration.  There are arguments on both sides of the coin including the relationship to wetlands in terms of furnishing the initial water supply to many tributaries and streams.  Wetlands as we know form an important part of the extended ecosystem or beginnings of many watersheds.

However, is the temporary water hole in your back yard a wetland?  If it is,  what can you do with it that is legal!  These questions are always changing depending upon your interpretation of the law.  We know wetlands serve as buffers and filters for pollution.  But they also serve as breeding grounds for many species.  Once again some form of  benchmarking should be used to assess the biological community followed by chemical testing etc.

This issue will not go away but we believe using our techniques, methods and analysis can may the job less painful.