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  • Eugene Macri does consulting in a number of area including stream and river management, river keeping, environmental analysis, and biological surveys. He also acts as advsier in environmental matters. He also does computer analysis and security.

  • How to contact gene macri.

  • Eugene Macri is an aquatic and environmental scientist with expertise in many areas including aquatic ecology, entomolgy, microbiology, water quality, and environmental geology. He is a professional river keeper and fisherman as well.

  • Fly fishing and instruction with Gene Macri on private waters or Pennsylvania limestone streams.

  • Links from on variety of scientific and fishing subjects.

  • Gene Macri is an aquatic entomologist and works identifying, classifying, and biomonitoring stream with the use of macroinvertebrates.

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  • Private waters serve as a laboratory for understanding stream management, stocking policies, water quality and economic value.

  • Eugene Macri does scientific research in a number of areas including water qualtiy, environmental degradation, insects, microbiology, pesticides, stream remediation, mining, fracturing and related activities.

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  • Eugene Macri gives speaking, seminars and presentations on a variety piscatorial and scientific areas including environental economics, disease, federal agencies, fly fishing and other related subjects. He also does presentations of cybersecurity, personal security and computer analysis.

  • Stream and water management are important systems faced by humanity in proper use, maintenance and protection. Permitting affects everything we do in life. Permits like NPDES affect everything from water quality to trout streams.

  • Trout streams are important indicators of the health of aquatic ecosystems.